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N & B Theo Kustomz

Mini Owl Candles

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Standing at 4.5cm 
Burning Time Approx: 8 Hours 
Candle: 31ml 
Postage Weight: 49g - included with packaging 
Wax Type: Premium Soy 


Our Owl Candles are so cute they fly out the door, scented with your fragrance of choice and have this little candle light up and smell amazing. 
There are more legends and beliefs about owls than we could ever hope to tell, with more strange parallels between them than we could ever hope to uncover, due both to the owl’s pervasiveness on every inhabited continent, and due to the owl’s mysterious intelligence, real or imagined. The most common elements in owl legends are death, shapeshifting, and wisdom, which come together into the modern interpretation of change.

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