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N & B Theo Kustoms

Neo-opoly Game Entry

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Only need to go around the board once but there are obstacles to face!

How to play! 

To enter $20 to have your Name on the board, in order to move forward is with each purchase you make meaning the game can go for a while! more fun!

Also Game cards can help you move forward or even backwards 

ALSO! if you happen to find Neo our little Mutant in the lives you can either claim 2 spots forward or receive a discount on your desired item! 

Mirror Chest is a Card Draw

Purple Crystals are also Safe spots and Card Draw 

Strength if someone lands on a Strength Spot all Players who game has ended can start from the Beginning. 

Black Square means is Sudden Death End of game for you either to re-enter the game by purchasing another game ticket or wait for someone to land on strength.





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