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Modiano Ace Candles

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Burning Time Approx: 25 Hours each
Candle: 312ml
Jar Size: 13cm Height, 183g Weight
Bastoni: Wild Berry (Red)
Spade: Blue Dream (Blue)
Coppe: Jasmine (Green)
Denari: Tropical (Orange)
Postage Weight: 354g -included with packaging x1
Wax Type: Premium Soy 


This deck of cards is an authentic deck of Italian playing cards. Italian playing cards most commonly consist of 40 cards (4 suits from 1-7 and 3 face cards). The three face cards in each deck are the King, Cavallo (calvary man) and Fante (Infantry Man), except in the French region (see below) which uses a Queen instead of a Cavallo. Playing with Italian playing cards gives any player a wonderful historical perspective on this great country.

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