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N & B Theo Kustoms

Mini Ace of Pentacles

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Scent: Blackberry White Musk (Black)

Coconut (White)
Candle: 319g
Sticker: Holographic Silver Rainbow
Wax Type: Premium Soy 
Wicks: 1
Note: Blackberry White Musk Is Featured in Black.
Coconut is Featured in White.
These are Factory Colours so request upon changes of colour will be denied.


Aces in tarot represent new beginnings, opportunities, and potential. (Love that!) Pentacles are associated with the element of earth and hold a grounded, practical, steady energy. This is the material realm of how we live and work, which includes our health and family dynamics.
Please Select your Crystal & Scent if unsure of what crystal is which, or don't know the meaning behind it we do have a page to help you out. 

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