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N & B Theo Kustoms

Colossuem Candle

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Burning Time Approx: 6 Hours 
Candle: 187g
Postage Weight: 187g  included with packaging 
Scent: Sandalwood (Colour: Tan) 
or Coconut (Color: White) 
Wax Type: Premium Soy 
Wicks:  4 
Note: Colosseum Candle (Sandalwood)- Is a Factory Colour so request upon changes of colour will be denied.

Our Product: 

Our candle stands at 10cm tall. Perfect for aroma therapy with one of your favourite landmarks from Italy. This Particular candle is Scented with Sandalwood to portray the ancient woods effect contrast with a rich earthy fragrance. With Four candle wicks, to even out the burn of these candles; we hope the aroma touches base with your trip to Old Italy (in your mind)
The Colosseum stands today as a symbol of the power, genius, and brutality of the Roman Empire.  It has survived several earthquakes, plant overgrowth, looting, and modern day pollution to become one of Rome’s top tourist attractions. Millions of people travel from all over the world to visit the Colosseum in Rome, excited to admire its architecture, learn about its history, and hear stories about the bloody games that took place here.

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