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Angel Aura Reed Diffuser

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Crystal Reed Diffusers

Crystal Reed Diffusers are infused with ANGEL AURA Crystal When generic air fresheners just aren't cutting it. Depending on the essential oil, the scent can help you overcome motion sickness, increase your focus, help you stay awake or help calm your nerves.

Our beautiful diffusers work by soaking up fragrance oil and producing a fine, light-weight vapour that lasts until the oil evaporates for a natural release of fragrance. We offer a variety of different appealing scents, no matter what scent you prefer, our reed diffusers make it easy for you to open yourself up to pure indulgence with a relaxing sensory experience. Along with our entrancing room Sprays our diffusers are a perfect way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Jar Type: Glass 

Scent: Midnight

Weight: 282g

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