About Us


Our Small Local Business, originated through the pandemic of Covid19 in 2020. Through the hope of bringing joy to customers in these times of struggle.
Operation of our Handmade products are located in a small district in the western suburbs of Victoria (Australia). It offers unique, heart warming personalised product to ensure the customers ideas, of heartfelt gifts are well appreciated.
Since N & B Theo Kustoms only has one location, it can focus on the needs and wants of the local community. 
My Name is Brooke and I’m partially deaf, time to embrace my heart to those who have hearing problems. Due to a story from my own mum in the Shepparton news, made me realise that people need to understand. People with hearing impairment, Lip reading is a huge factor for us to communicate. I have started this line of product for those in need. I myself have created a line of mask, to help those in need. Also donated over 200 mask to Hearing Australia to help people in nursing homes. 
Also plenty of our other ranges have warmed the heart of elderly. As Ive designed Xmas Baurbles ,for people who didn't have a family to have visit them on those special holidays or special occasions. Our Easter run, we also made personalised easter eggs too.
So now with every purchase $1 from your purchase, will be donated to Australian Hearing. To Support those in need. to Keep those beautiful people in our family loop. 
My Husband Nick is the heart and brains of our business, alway eager to learn and run pass new ideas for us to create. Even expanding our business by opening a stall before Christmas when our Baurbles (Starting product) was a huge hit. But now we are learning that word of mouth is a powerful thing good thing Nick has supported myself and the business to reach where we are today!